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Texican is proud to provide its customers with a wide range of service offerings that includes but is not limited to the following:

Pre-Market Due Diligence

  • Assist with crude & hydrocarbon laboratory testing and analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis examining both local and non-local markets
  • Analysis of logistical opportunities within constrained areas Full vetting of all transportation assets to ensure safety, service and reliability
  • Assistance with regulatory departments and paperwork

Full-Service Purchasing

  • On-site introductions with transporters, pumpers, and key personnel
  • Safe and efficient transport from wellhead by Texican designated carrier
  • Competitive and flexible pricing to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Detailed and organized statements delivered to customers in preferred method (email, fax, mail)
  • Prompt payment by wire or check on or about the 20th of the month post production
  • If preferred, 100% Distribution of Interest to Working and Royalty Interest Owners
  • Payment of Severance Taxes

Additional Services

  • Networking: Over the years we have helped our customers generate many successful A&D deals within the introductions of our internal client-base.
  • Asset development: Texican is looking to build sustainable assets to better assist clients’ needs.
  • Investment opportunity: Texican Crude & Hydrocarbons is affiliated with Texican Energy Company, a non- operating investment company that is interested in joint venturing with our customers on a mutually agreeable basis.

Communication Promise: We are available 100% of the time… day or night. Our cell phones are the only numbers you or your pumpers need to know.